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4 I must make one exception to this declaration. The legal opinion as to heirlooms in The Eustace Diamonds was written for me by Charles Merewether, the present Member for Northampton. I am told that it has become the ruling authority on the subject. 鈥楧ear me, Mamma!鈥?said Mrs Keeling, 鈥榶ou talk as if the gentleman was a bit of beef.鈥? The next day, December 11, 1779, the king issued the following protocol in the newspapers: He drew the sheets towards him, and began signing in silence, wondering when she proposed to say how sorry she was for misjudging him about his generosity. Surely he could not have misinterpreted that radiant glance she gave him when he rose to reply to the toast of his health. 鈥楴o: only the wind and the song of a skylark.鈥? � 404 Not Found 鈥極h, Mr Silverdale came to tea,鈥?she said. 鈥楬e telephoned.鈥? 鈥業 have done so already. I bought the freehold of the Club not so long ago, and I have given them notice that I shall not renew their lease in the summer.鈥? THE FLIGHT ARRESTED. It was obvious by this time that the family lunch was going to be rather a stormy sort of passage, and Mrs Keeling had before this caught her husband鈥檚 eye, and with dumb movements of her lips and querying eyebrows had communicated 鈥楥hampagne?鈥?to him, for it was known that when Mrs Goodford was in a worrying mood, a glass of that agreeable beverage often restored her to almost fatuous good humour. But her husband had replied aloud, 鈥楥ertainly not,鈥?and assumed his grimmest aspect. This did not look well: as a rule he was content to suffer Mrs Goodford鈥檚 most disagreeable humours in contemptuous silence. Now and then, however, and his wife was afraid that this was one of those tempestuous occasions, he was in no mind to lie prone under insults levelled at him across his own table. The Warden, 1855 \ 727 11 3